Superstar Spotlight

A monthly in depth look at the ECWA performers by Josh Martin

New Mid Atlantic Champ

Dreams Do Come True

by Josh Martin

     During the past 40 years, the ECWA has been a magical place where ones DREAMS COULD COME TRUE. That was never more evident than on March 1, 2008, when young J. J. Cruz defeated one of the biggest icons in the ECWA to become the NEW ECWA MID ATLANTIC CHAMPION. It all started back in 1999 at the 3rd Annual Super 8 Tournament when J. J. Cruz came to his first ECWA event. He sat watching the 8 performers that night which included: Matt & Jeff Hardy, Ace Darling, Christopher Daniels, Steve Bradley, Devon Storm, Christian York and Jeff Peterson. It was the young Jeff Petersonís performance that night which inspired J. J. Cruz to try his hand at professional wrestling. Ironically enough, Cruz would get into the ECWA and go on to defeat legend Ace Darling (who was also in that Super 8) to become the Mid Atlantic Champion. J. J. Cruz, lives and breathes wrestling and he should serve as a true inspiration to others that the ECWA is truly a place where ones DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.

     Here are some interesting facts about this talented young star that may interest everyone. Enjoy!

Ring Name? JJ Cruz

Height? 5í 6"

Weight? 130 lbs.

Character hails from? Bridgeport, CT

Birthdate? (month & day) May 13th

Years Pro? 1

Trained by? Jim Kettner and the ECWA

Where did you train? ECWA

Style of wrestling? High Flying

Favorite moves? Cruz Control and Victory Roll

Finishing moves? Cruz Control

Notable ECWA feuds? Chick Magnets

Favorite ECWA opponents? Ace Darling

How long have you been in wrestling? 1 yr.

What made you want to get into wrestling? Entertaining the people

When did you join the ECWA? 1 year ago.

How did you joining the ECWA come about? Working with Jim Kettner and him giving me the opportunity

What do you like about the ECWA? That everyone has an equal opportunity to work and succeed in the profession

What do you think about the ECWA fans? I love the fans of the ECWA, they have been behind me since I started my career in the ECWA

What have been your favorite ECWA moments? Beating Ace Darling and winning the Mid Atlantic Championship title.

How did the J. J. Cruz character come about? The Character is really who I am, the guy that can do unexpected things.

What is the J. J. Cruz character all about? It is all about being the under dog, when you think I am out of the match and when you least expect it, I can overcome all the odds and win.

Your thoughts on the current state of the wrestling business? As long as the fans keep coming in, and we keep entertaining them, then business is good.

Favorite Food? Fiesta Lime Chicken from Applebee's

Favorite music? Everything

Favorite band/artist? I like all sorts of music, so I have no favorite in particular

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite sports team? None

Favorite athlete? Barry Sanders

Favorite wrestlers? Rey Mysterio, Hiro Matsuda, Shawn Michaels, Curt Henning

Favorite TV shows? Orange County Choppers, Law and Order, Everyone Loves Ramon, and any type of wrestling on T.V

Favorite movies? Good Fellas, National Treasure, and Die Hard

Favorite actor? Bruce Willis

Favorite actress? Reese Witherspoon

What sports do you like to watch? Wrestling and UFC

What sports do you like to play? None

What hobbies do you have? Fishing and camping

What do you do in your spare time? Spend time with my family

What kind of work outside wrestling to you do? I am a Surveyor for the Dept. of Transportation

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Personal: My Father, my girl friend. Professional: Eddy Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels

What are your aspirations (professional & personal)? Professionally I want to be the best Mid Atlantic Champion I can be, and personally I want to make the most out of every minute everyday