Superstar Spotlight

A monthly in depth look at the ECWA performers by Josh Martin

By: Josh Martin

     After a decade of excellence, the powerhouse known to ECWA fans as J. J. Crew Guy is still a major force to be reckoned with in the promotion. Like him or not, J. J. is one of the most dedicated members of the roster. A man who is dedicated to his craft, to his morals, to his work ethic, to his training regiment and to his beliefs, whether you tend to agree with him or not. Once, one of the most beloved superstars on the ECWA roster, J. J. chose to turn his back on his loyal followers and became one of the most sadistic, rule breaking brawlers in the promotion’s 40 year history. This former ECWA Heavyweight Champion seems to thoroughly enjoy punishing his opponents and antagonizing the audience. Some credit his longtime manager Sebastian Night as the person who instilled the dark demons in J. J.’s spirit that drive his performances. Others claim that J. J. Crew Guy is just a sadistic bully that enjoys hurting people. Whatever your personal thoughts are on this superstar, one has to agree that he has left a path of destruction during his 10 year wrestling career and cemented a legacy that continues to grow with each performance. I had the opportunity to ask this ECWA legend some questions recently. I hope you enjoy

Ring Name? JJ CREW GUY

Height? 6’ 2”

Weight? 230 lbs.

Character hails from? Wilmington, DE

Birthdate? February 3

Years Pro? 10

Trained by? Simon Diamond

Where did you train? Wrestle Tech

Style of wrestling? Hardcore, Power

Favorite moves? Simple “old school” power moves like the spine buster or suplexes.

Finishing moves? The most effective move to close the deal at that given moment. It could be a reverse DDT, a shot to the head with a cane, a clothesline, or I suppose my favorite the “School boy”. I do not have a patented finisher, nor do I need one. But I always finish!

Notable ECWA feuds? All my matches seem to become feuds and ALL are notable.

Favorite ECWA opponents? Mr. Ooh La La, SAT’s, Haas Brothers, Cheetah Master

How long have you been in wrestling? Close to eleven years.

What made you want to get into wrestling? I was at a show and thought to myself “I can do that.”

When did you join the ECWA? The same night I went to watch my first show.

How did you joining the ECWA come about? I was at a show watching a friend wrestle and they were short handed and needed help with security. After the show I asked Jim Kettner how could I get into this. The rest is history.

What do you like about the ECWA? It is a solid organization that is well respected, family oriented and safe. Only the best trained and top independents come to work for the ECWA so every time you get in the ring you know you have to be at your very best, making it a constant challenge.

What do you think about the ECWA fans? As long as they root for me they are the best fans in the world. Those that don’t well…come to a show and I will show you what I think of them.

What have been your favorite ECWA moments? Without question teaming up with J.R Ryder and Sebastian Night as the J-Team.

How did the J. J. Crew Guy character come about? That was not supposed to be my “Wrestling Name”. It came about because as I was training at Wrestle Tech I was also working security for the ECWA and helping setup the ring. Because a lot of the equipment was old we began having a series of breakdowns involving the ring and the lights. Something just seemed to break at every show. The lights, the stairs, the ropes, you get the point. Worse, it never seemed to break before the show, always during the show. The first time I just happened to be the only one with the right tools in my car. After that I just happened to be the one that got the job of fixing things during the show, thus putting me in the spotlight so to speak. The fans started to know me as the “Ring Crew Guy” as I was the one that would run out after or during the match to fix whatever broke at the time. It was one of those right place and the right time deals.

What is the J. J. Crew Guy character all about? Simple: Adaptability and overcoming adversity. Throw me into any situation, any type match with any style of opponent and I will find a way to be victorious.

Your thoughts on the current state of the wrestling business? Wow, I can really go off here. I am a little disappointed in the whole state of ALL professional sports at the moment. Somehow professional sports have gotten sidetracked from their roots. Gone are the ethics, gone are the role models, gone are the fundamentals that made sports an element to improving life. What I see is way too much drug use and criminal activity that is often overlooked at the pro level. Unfortunately kids see this and believe this is what they need to do to be successful. Wrestling appears to be taking the initiative in attempting to combat some of these negatives. I like that and want to be a part of spreading the message that you do not need drugs or a criminal record to be an athlete.

Favorite Food? I go through about 20lbs of peanuts a month, so obviously that would top the list. I tend to also like simple organic foods like Raw Milk, Grass-fed Beef, real yogurt (not the stuff you buy at the supermarket), farm fresh vegetables and of course fresh fruit. My diet is one of the main reason’s I can compete constantly at elite levels.

Favorite music? Rock

Favorite band/artist? Tool

Favorite color? Orange

Favorite sports team? As I mentioned earlier I am not too crazy on professional sports at the moment. If I had to pick one I will say the Eagles.

Favorite athlete? Coach John Davies

Favorite wrestlers? Ric Flair and Ravishing Rick Rude left the biggest impressions. I like the message C.M.Punk is spreading with his stance against drugs.

Favorite TV shows? Wrestling of course. Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Miami Vice.

Favorite movies? Die Hard, Gone in 60 seconds, Star Wars III, Old School, and the Warriors, in that order.

Favorite actor? Does Magnum count? If not then Jackie Chan or Bruce Campbell.

Favorite actress? Pam Anderson

What sports do you like to watch? Cricket. Just kidding. I am digging most of the X-sports now as well as wrestling and mixed martial arts.

What sports do you like to play? I like to play just about any sport as long as its fun, even cricket I suppose.

What hobbies do you have? Surfing, skateboarding, collecting vintage arcade games, Jeeps.

What do you do in your spare time? Primarily I train. I want to be the best I can possibly be so I am dedicated to doing just that. Now when I say train keep in mind this includes a variety of mediums which involve activities away from the gym and the mat. For example I may decide to go surfing instead of the gym. When I get to the beach I do sprints followed by some GPP before I even hit the surf. When I am done surfing I then work on flexibility.

What kind of work outside wrestling to you do? During the day I do computer aided drafting and design work. At night I do personal training through my own business.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Anyone that has learned or is attempting to learn how to overcome adversity. As I write this I realize I am surrounded by inspiring people, family, friends, fans, even those fans that show up at the show with “JJ Sucks or Overrated” signs inspire me in one way or another. They might not know it, but each one inspires me in a different way. Take the Special Olympics event we just participated in as an example. How can anyone walk away from that and not be inspired? I went right home and started training afterwards. Though I did not feel like training I thought of those athletes and the dedication they put forth and found myself re-focused.

What are your aspirations (professional & personal)? To leave a positive impression. I aspire to show people that there is no such thing as growing old or being too young. If you want to do something in life, do it. Don’t keep coming up with excuses. Find a way to overcome adversity and set your path to obtaining that goal. I want those that see me in the ring, skating, surfing or doing whatever, say to themselves “Look at how much fun that is. I want to be like that!” Most of all I want them to realize they can achieve their goals not with drugs or fancy equipment, but with a ton of hard work, sweat, dedication, a diet of good quality foods and a little ingenuity. Thus I lead by example.