Past Results

March 20, 2010
Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club
Newark, Delaware


Quick Headlines from the March 20 ECWA Show

Bazooka Joe retains his Heavyweight Championship!
Team WCWA wins Mid Atlantic & Tag Titles!
Magnum leaves ECWA for WCWA!
A big bounty backfires!
Announcer feud turns personal!
2 new Hall of Fame Members!
A new tag team debuts in Grand Fashion!

Quick Results from March 20 ECWA Show

Bazooka Joe defeated Mozart Fontaine
Team WCWA defeated ECWA's Logan Brothers
Tim Richards/Bully Busick over Corey Blaze/Jason Leigh
Courageous Cruz defeated Monster Milonas
Freak Nastty defeated J.J. The Crew Guy
Chase Del Monte defeated Andrew Ryker
Glen Osbourne/Heavyweights def Scott Wright/Billy Bax/Magnum
Mega & J.J. Crew Guy inducted into ECWA Hall of Fame