Past Results

January 23, 2010
Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club
Newark, Delaware


Quick Headlines from Jan 23 ECWA Show

Bazooka Joe retains the Heavyweight Championship!
The East Coast---West Coast War heats up!
Imposter Chick Magnets escape harm once again!
A big farewell plays out for a top superstar!
Andrew Ryker fires his entourage!
Have we heard the last of a corrupt referee?

Quick Results from Jan 23 ECWA Show

Bazooka Joe defeated Freak Nastty
Nick Logan and Aden Chambers was a no contest
Logan Brothers double DQ with Ryan Rush & Tony Burma
Billy Bax & Mr. Scott Wright defeated The Heavyweights
Chase Del Monte defeated Rob Eckos
Courageous Cruz defeated Ron Godwin
Cha Cha Chance defeated J.J. The Crew Guy
Mega defeated Andrew Ryker
Hollywood Chick Magnets/Ooh La La & Tim Richards defeated Mozart Fontaine/Jason Leigh/Glen Osbourne/Corey Blaze