Past Results

January 24, 2009
Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club
Newark, Delaware


Quick Headlines from the Jan 24 ECWA Show

Tommy Trouble turns back challenges of former Champions
Rob Eckos steals a win to capture Mid Atlantic Title
Nigerians have a HUGE FALLING OUT!
A new Super Hero takes the ECWA by storm
Magnum's Bounty on Freak Nastty fails
Freak Nastty uncharacteristically calm
Tag Championship still in question
The Heavyweights, duped, reunite, then attacked
Logans finally evened the odds
Ryker returns but not to the fan response he wanted
Large crowd was there to witness the event

Quick Results from the Jan 24 ECWA Show

Champion Tommy Trouble def Chambers, Nana & Frederick
Rob Eckos defeated Billy Bax for the Mid Atlantic Title
Heavyweights defeated The Valedictorians
Leather N Lace over Mega & Cha Cha Chance by DQ
Nigerian Nightmare Maifu won a Bounty Battle Royal
Freak Nastty defeated Nigerian Nightmare Maifu
Del Monte & The Logans defeated The Chick Magnets
Andrew Ryker defeated Travis Blake
Courageous Cruz defeated Mr. Scott Wright