Hall of Fame

1982: Jim Kettner

Jim Kettner

1983: Big Bill Page, The Maniac, Mr. Funk

1984: Mad Dog Celli, Barry Page

1985: The Baron (manager), Dirty Dirk Dunlap (manager), Ruffhouse Rivera, The Bulldog, Sweet Chocolate Thunder, Jim Russum (referee)

1986: The Wild Sheik, Ron Godwin (referee)

1987: Mike Clark (announcer)

1988: Lord Vito Leone (manager)

1992: Viper

1994:Boogie Woogie Brown

Boogie Woogie Brown

1995: Simon Diamond, Cheetah Master, Barry Casino (manager), Captain Lou Albano (manager)


1996: Ace Darling, Glenn Osbourne, Mr. Ooh La La, Richard Naegele (commissioner)

Glenn Osbourne

2000: Jeff Peterson

2001: Christopher Daniels, Crowbar

Christopher Daniels

2002: Kevin Kelly (manager)

2004: Reckless Youth, Russ and Charlie Haas, Billy Kidman

Reckless Youth
Charlie Haas

2005: Japanese Pool Boy, Scoot Andrews, Paul Turner (referee)

2006: Mozart Fontaine, Robbie E, Joe Zanolle (technical staff)

Mozart Fontaine

2007: Low Ki, Sebastian Night (manager)


2009: George “The Animal” Steele


2010: JJ The Crew Guy, Mega

2011: Mike Tartaglia

2012: Papadon and Mr Ooh Lala (Lifetime Achievement Award)

2013: Aden Chambers

2020: John Finegan