Top 10 challengers to the ECWA World title

With the upcoming showdown between Avery Good, Professional Wrestler and champion Mr Ooh Lala, the landscape of ECWA could look completely different after 11/6. We are going to look at the top 10 potential challengers to whoever reigns as ECWA champion.


“Colossal” Mike Law

Some say Mike Law has abandoned his principles and perhaps hasn’t had his eye on the prize in recent months. Some in the locker room have said Law has gotten into his own head, and a recent string of possible bad decisions might prove that. Aligning himself with longtime rival Joey Ace reeks of desperation and it’s shown after every event with what Joe Zanolle has called “the Mike Law social media pity party posts.” Will he be able to rebound and capture the gold?

Greg Spitz

Teddy Fine received a title shot against Ooh Lala a few months ago and you can bet that the Marvelous Ones have been ringing ECWA management trying to get Spitz his opportunity as well. Spitz has been a part of the roster since December 2019, amassing a number of victories, both in singles and in tag team matches. One thing is for sure, if he got his shot, Fine and Sweet Reginald wouldn’t be far behind and would cause a serious problem for whoever is champion.

Joey Ace

The former 2x ECWA champion, who called himself the star of the Super 8 for appearing in the main event of the show 3 years in a row, has been without the gold for several months. Since that loss, and possibly before then, it seems as though Ace may have taken his foot off the gas. Will that fire return for Ace and will another title run be in the future for the “star of the Super 8?”

Clutch Rockwell

The current ECWA Legacy champion has a singles career like very few inside of ECWA. Since returning to singles action, Rockwell has proved a fierce competitor, but some of the losses from his attempts to capture tag team gold may hinder his ranking a bit. Will Rockwell be able to challenge for the oldest championship in Independent wrestling while still holding the Legacy title?

Matt Vertigo

The current Territory champion is undefeated in ECWA defeating some of the biggest stars to walk thru ECWA. In addition to that, Vertigo is taking on all challengers in every promotion he can defend the title at. Unlike other champions, it doesn’t appear he is getting worn down, but rather stronger with each defense. He already had earned a shot at UWA Elite’s top prize next month, will the ECWA title be in his future as well?

Eric Martin

A former Legacy champion as well as ECWA Tag team champion, as well as a Super 8 competitor. Eric Martin practically grew up in ECWA, and the one title that has alluded him is the big one. Martin has all the tools, the knowledge, the size, the ability and it seems like with each match, win or lose, he becomes a smarter wrestler making him all the more dangerous. Some think he has issues with keeping his eye on the prize and perhaps that has kept him from the gold in the past.

L.A Vin

A longtime fan favorite for both WORLD-1 and ECWA, Vin has been making the rounds and appearing on any show he can to get more ring time and improve his game. Frequently taking last minute bookings where other competitors might back down, Vin has impressed officials and earned the respect of the fans. Championships in ECWA have alluded him thus far but we think, given the right shot, Vin could win the big one.

Sam Shields

Former ECWA champion Sam Shields has yet to be given a rematch for the ECWA championship and hasn’t had much luck since losing the gold. Unlike the tired Pro Wrestling model, a champion does not automatically get a rematch simply because they held the gold in ECWA. They need to earn it. A new physique, an even more physical style and a new attitude might just get him to the next level and back in the title picture.

Sweet Reginald

Um…no. Just kidding.


The man who competed in the very first Super 8 tournament, as well as the 25th Anniversary Super 8, Crowbar, formerly known as Devon Storm to longtime ECWA fans, would be a dangerous challenger for the title. With 3 decades of knowledge and experience in every one of the major companies, Crowbar has done it all and seen it all…except hold that ECWA championship. Will it be in his future?


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