The PCA Finally Goes Down

October 22, 2019 – The Wrestling Estate – John Corrigan

The war of words turned into a flurry of fists at ECWA Witching Hour, as owner Mike Tartaglia finally got his hands on AJ Pan.

After months of insults and scathing accusations, in which The PCA kingpin goaded Tartaglia into bringing the company off hiatus, over 60 people came to the Asbury United Methodist Church in New Castle, DE, on Saturday to witness the in-ring confrontation. Tartaglia recruited Kekoa – who lost to ECWA Heavyweight Champion Joey Ace at the 52nd Anniversary Show – and the returning Ricky Martinez to enter the battlefield against The PCA, which included Ace, Pan, new member Rey Calitri and original member Sam Shields (who was apparently the masked assailant last month).

The Boss and the former ECWA Heavyweight Champions dominated the early going, making frequent tags and dishing out heavy punishment to the nefarious group. Of course, The PCA excels at the numbers game, taking advantage of having an extra man and turning the tide. Ace isolated Martinez, stunning him with a picture perfect dropkick. Distracting the referee, Ace lured Martinez into The PCA’s corner, allowing everyone to get their licks in. As Martinez tried to tag out, Ace stopped him by nearly decapitating him with a closeline.

With the crowd rallying behind Martinez, he hit Ace with an enzuigiri and finally broke free to tag in Kekoa, who cleaned house. The Flyin’ Hawaiian backdropped Ace on to Calitri and Shields outside the ring before soaring onto all three men with a swanton bomb. That left Pan and Tartaglia inside the ring, finally coming to blows. Pan managed to take the boss down, but when he tried it again, Tartaglia caught him with a stunner and then locked him in the figure four. Before Pan could submit, Shields broke the hold up, and then he, Calitri and Ace all hit their finishers on Martinez.

Just as it seemed that The PCA would emerge victorious yet again, Kekoa threw a superkick party, knocking out all three men. Martinez recovered to hit a Death Valley Driver on Ace to secure the pin and earn a title shot at ECWA’s next event: Toys For Tots on December 7.

In his ECWA debut, Greek sensation Nikos Rikos took on veteran Chris Wylde, considered the heart and soul of the promotion. Having studied his opponent, Wylde was prepared for Rikos, forcing him to retreat after a series of arm drags and blistering chops. What Wylde wasn’t prepared for was sheer cowardice, as Rikos used his beloved Vicious Vicki as a shield, preventing Wylde from diving through the ropes. Don’t think Vicki was some damsel in distress, though, as she distracted Wylde long enough for Rikos to recover. He reversed an Irish whip, sending Wylde chest first into the turnbuckle.

The “Spartan Pitbull” then pounced, pounding and stomping away on Wylde, even distracting the referee as Vicki choked Wylde out. As the crowd cheered for Wylde to make a comeback, he and Rikos unloaded their heavy artillery, giving each other their best shot. Eventually, Wylde caught him in a crossface, and as Rikos reached for the ropes, Wylde turned it into the Rings of Saturn. Sensing her man was on the brink of submission, Vicki hopped on the ring apron to argue with the referee. That’s when Violence (who got disqualified in his debut last month against Wylde) appeared out of nowhere and bashed Wylde’s head with the chain before draping Rikos across for the pin.

Wylde got a slice of revenge later in the evening, as he distracted Violence in his match, allowing Tahir James to roll him up for the win. A confrontation ensued afterward, leading to a “Nightmare Before Christmas” chain match on December 7.

As a result of his victory, James advances in the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Championship tournament. Ty Awesome was supposed to face Killian McMurphy in the other tournament match, but he reinjured his leg (The PCA Pillmanized him last month) during the week and was replaced by “The Classic” Eric Martin. In a thrilling back-and-forth encounter, the “Shamrock Shooter” put Martin away with a lariat to advance in the tournament.

Full results

Ricky Martinez, Kekoa & Mike Tartaglia def. The PCA
Funky White Boy & Marcus Waters retained the ECWA Tag Team Titles against Geddy Cahoon and Michelle
Tahir James def. Violence
Killian McMurphy def. Eric Martin
Nikos Rikos def. Chris Wylde
Vicious Vicki def. Gabby Ortiz

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