Posted By on October 19, 2019

Word going around is that TWO former ECWA Champions will be at WITCHING HOUR tonight!!!

Question is will one of them be under the mask w/PCA?

My opinion, AJ Pan, it really doesn’t matter BROTHERRR! You don’t disrespect the history and lineage of ECWA like you and ECWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Joey Ace did when you two destroyed the ECWA MID-ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!!!

The Boss Michael Tartaglia and I have full confidence in Kekoa and Ricky Martinez, a man that possibly knows PCA better than anyone!!

And speaking of the ECWA MID-ATLANTIC TITLE we start on the road to crown a new champion tonight with the first two QUARTER FINAL MATCHES… Killian McMurphy vs Ty Awesome and VIOLENCE vs. Tahir James!!!

That and a whole lot more tonight at ECWA WITCHING HOUR in New Castle, DE, doors open 6pm, bell is 7pm, see you tonight AT THE MATCHES!!!

“ECWA … become a fan all over again!!!”

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