Consequences coming for ECWA Champion Joey Ace?

Since winning the ECWA Heavyweight Championship, Joey Ace has seen the company go on hiatus, leaving him zero opportunity to defend the strap in an ECWA Arena. So the champ took matters into his own hands booking himself along with manager AJ Pan in two unsanctioned title defenses outside the company. He was victorious in both defenses but just as he was about to pontificate about his success, he had a visit from an unexpected guest, Kekoa!!!

Kekoa reminds Joey Ace that he’s coming for the belt.

Owner Mike Tartaglia took to FB stating, “Joey Ace and AJ Pan had no right to defend the ECWA Heavyweight Championship in another promotion!” He also went on to say,
“There will be consequences for you 2 come September 21 in New Castle Delaware!
Only ECWA management has the right to decide when the ECWA Championship is defended!” What does the ECWA owner have planned for The Champ???

The countdown to the rebirth of ECWA and the answers we have been waiting for are only 5 weeks away. Join us Saturday, September 21st in New Castle, DE when Joey Ace defends against Kekoa and Ty Awesome in a Triple Threat Match!

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