Review of all 8 participants in the 22nd Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament

ECWA Super 8 Tournament set for Sat April 21


  The ECWA is officially gearing up for the biggest show of the year! That’s right indy wrestling fans it’s time once again for the biggest tournament in all of independent wrestling… the Super 8 Tournament! It’s hard to believe this will be year 22 of the tournament. When Jim Kettner invented the show back in 1997 there’s no way him or anyone else could guess the influence and importance it holds. The legacy of this tournament is felt every year… wrestlers from all over the country tell how they read about it in PWI magazine for years. How they too wanted to compete one day to try to win it. How it built the careers of so many that maybe… just maybe a good showing could build theirs too. It’s hard to argue why so many are desperate to be a participant every year. WWE stars like Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Scotty 2 Hotty, Bobby Roode, ROH/NJPW stars like Christopher Daniels, Amazing Red, Rocky Romero, and Austin Aries have ALL got their first major exposure in the Super 8. Those men were barely known out of their home promotions. However, after winning OR just taking part in the tournament they skyrocketed to the household names you all know today. Daniel Bryan even mentioned in his book how important it was to building his career in his book! That’s an incredible amount of history, prestige, and honor that now falls onto the backs of the 8 participants in this year’s tournament. This could literally lead to them to insane heights in professional wrestling!


Speaking of the field of 8, there was a special Spotlight series done on ECWA social media telling you a brief overview of each participant. Here you can read those write ups about all 8 men… you’ll be able to see the kind of wrestlers they are and start to think about who will take it all home on Saturday April 2, 2018! Ladies and gentlemen, the Super 8 Class of 2018:




Pro wrestling is full of underdog stories and there is none bigger in Super 8 Tournament history than Ty Awesome. He comes into this tournament as the least known, least experienced, and least heralded. But that’s just fine by Ty. Learning his basics from ROH’s Briscoe Brothers… then learning under Sonny Deeds at the Spinebusters Wrestling Academy, he’s carved out his own path in pro wrestling through hard work and patience. He’s got a unique high flying style that is all boom or bust, sometimes crash or burn. Normally, that style doesn’t lead to success. However, somehow Ty has used this to his advantage. He’s garnered fan love and respect from the locker room putting it all on the line! He’ll truly fly all around the ring with a variety of aerial attacks… most impressive are his moonsaults, ranas, and his trademark 450 Splash. The fact he’s least known helps him… his opponents won’t know what hit them!




The ‘Supercharged Superstar’ brings some of the most unique, exciting wrestling offense you’ll ever see! Trained by Luke Hawx, Mr. Mexico II, and Ray Campos, Bolt is the most experienced participant in this year’s tournament. With that experience comes knowledge… making him a dangerous ring general! He’ll be able to outsmart his opponents and see things coming before they happen. He’s the true definition of past Super 8 competitors. He’s able to out power and quite literally out jump everyone else in the field! His southern style lends itself to lucha and is nearly impossible to counter once the action heats up. He’ll look for shocking, high risk maneuvers that get quick pins. Don’t blink or might miss him hitting his sky high dropkicks or flying cross bodies! Don’t be shocked if he makes even simple wrestling moves look that much more flashy and better than you’ve ever seen them! He just might be able to shock everyone and show why he’s a main player for years to come.





‘The Most Marketable Man in Professional Wrestling’ is entering this year’s Super 8 Tournament win tons of buzz… according to him and his PR machine. Richard Holliday is out to make a name for himself… but not before you hear about his brand first. His brand is kind of hard to ignore. He was trained by respected ring veteran Paul Roma! While not much of a high flyer himself, he loves to ground and pound of faster, more aerial opponents. His ring intelligence will be an excellent foil to the rest of the field as he looks to weaken his opponents body part by body part. His cocky, arrogant attitude has made himself into possibly ‘New York’s Finest Asset’. He’s one of the smartest, quick thinking men in this year’s field. He’s going to be a huge problem to guys expecting him to be all bark and no bite.




The Bullet Club is invading the ECWA! ‘The Crown Jewel’ Chase Owens is quite possibly the most famous, accomplished wrestler to ever enter a Super 8. Trained by the legendary Ricky Morton (from the RnR Express), he has quietly become one of the most respected junior heavyweights in the world today. He’s technically sound, incredibly resourceful, and able to counter any style any wrestler throws at him. With his frequent tours with New Japan, he’s developed the Japanese Strong Style of wrestling… meaning he’ll be the most creative wrestler in this tournament. He’s also accustomed to winning high stakes championships… Chase has won the NWA JR Heavyweight Title 3 times! It’s easy to see why he was chosen a member of Bullet Club by his friends and NJPW powerhouses G.O.D. and Bad Luck Fale.




Straight out of the 80’s with his trademark track jacket, zubaz, sweatband, and fanny pack comes the ‘Retrosexual’ Anthony Greene. This eccentric man loves flamboyantly showcase his personality by ‘Workin Marks and Breakin Hearts.’ However, do NOT take him at face value. He’s an incredibly underrated JR Heavyweight on the brink of a breakout. Trained by the scrappy underdog Spike Dudley, Greene has made a name for himself by pulling out all kinds of creative offense out of nowhere. He’s a more than capable aerial assassin and is more technically sound than given credit for. He could be the dark horse to win it all! What he lacks in size he more than makes up for in ring smarts and aggression. He even recently had a tremendous showing in Chikara’s Young Lions Cup… so tournaments are kind of his thing!




The biggest little man in professional wrestling is ‘Colossal’ Mike Law… trained by New York wrestling legend ‘Lowlife’ Louis Ramos, Law has made a name for himself by sporting a rare combination of speed and power. He’s able to go high risk, but often times does incredible power aerial moves that are devastating. When he isn’t busy running his mouth, Law really is an incredible talent in the ring that has been overlooked for years. He can go toe to toe with any man in the ring regardless of style or ability. However, sometimes his arrogant attitude and assumed ‘small man complex’ make him a showoff… recently taking to carrying a giant barbell to the ring to show just how strong he is! He’s also just as known for having longtime friend, ally, and PCA cohort AJ Pan ringside for his matches. That’s puts him at an advantage against this field… Pan is definitely a wildcard! Law is looking to prove everyone wrong and show why is one of the best little men to ever do it.




From the office of Dr. Earnest Price at Fairchild Asylum comes Smiley ‘The Psycho Lucha’! He’s been given this name for the borderline insane style of offense he employs. While creative with his variety of splashes, ranas, and literally anything else he can invent, Smiley loves to hurt himself just as much as his opponents! He’ll look to play mind games just as much as out wrestle the field. Making him a scary opponent to face! Trained in the traditional high flying Mexican Lucha style by former Super 8 competitor Amazing Red at the House of Glory, he’s the least known about… not by fans but by his opponents. He’s rarely spoken since his debut! Despite that, he’s a perfect fit for this tournament as it’s often fast paced, hectic wrestling that suits him very well… this might be the only time being crazy will pay off! There’s no telling what this man will do to walk out with that trophy!




Trained by respected vets Delirious and Mike Quakenbush (another former Super 8 competitor) at the ROH Dojo, Cheeseburger enters the tournament as the most popular and well known man. He’s almost always a fan favorite in any promotion he works for… but mainly for ROH and New Japan. Despite his small stature, he’s incredibly scrappy and literally will never give up no matter the odds stacked against him. He’s quite literally the common man’s underdog! He’ll throw everything he has at every opponent from punches, kicks, super kicks, and aerial moves. He’ll send them reeling not expecting him to have that kind of fighting spirit! He’s coming off two very impressive final 2 appearances in the New Japan Rumbles from the last two Wrestle Kingdom events. He’s ready to fight through this field of 8 en route to shedding the underdog label forever!


There you have it folks! The Super 8 Class of 2018! Each man brings something unique to the table. Each man has the undying desire to hoist that trophy above his head. Each man is willing to do anything to win. Which one of these 8 men will make history? Which one of these men will become the next star that could appear on your TV? Find out on April 21!








ECWA Heavyweight Champion Azrieal, ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Chris Wylde, ECWA Tag Team Champions One Mean Team (Justin Pusser & Brian Johnson), and ECWA Women’s Champion Christina Marie




‘ The Pro Wrestling Maniac’ Joe Gacy, ‘The Hotlanta Hustler’ Marcus Waters, DOA (Tahir James & Frankie Picard), and Damaris







Saturday April 21, 2018

United Asbury Methodist Church

300 E Basin Road

New Castle, DE 19720


Doors open: 6 pm


*Get there early for a free meet and greet with all the Super 8 Participants


Show time: 7 pm


Tickets: $20 for Adults

$10 for Kids 12 and under


You can purchase tickets at:


Please go to ECWA on Facebook to keep up with all tournament and later show information. or call 609-220-5598 for all questions, tickets, and info!






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