ECWA returns Home Saturday January 20 in New Castle, Delaware

ECWA returns to Delaware Saturday January 20


            There’s an old saying that says you can’t go home again… but luckily here at ECWA we don’t believe that! For decades, the state of Delaware was home. ECWA had its humble beginnings in places like Elsmere, DE and Wilmington, DE in buildings like the Boys & Girls Club and St Matthews Parrish. Eventually, it made its way to Newark, DE where it would stay for almost a decade before now owner Mike Tartaglia bought the company in 2010. Pro wrestling has taken the company all over the East… numerous cities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania on top of its lineage from Delaware. Woodbury Height, NJ has been ECWA’s home base for some time now… but management never forgot all the fans who made us a success in Delaware. So after a lengthy absence, it’s happening! ECWA returns to Delaware on Saturday January 20, 2018! We return to the United Asbury Methodist Church in New Castle, DE. This new building has become the scene of ECWA’s base in Delaware whenever we get a chance to return!


It’s the New Year! That means new beginnings for everyone around the world. That also means new beginnings for all the men and women that call ECWA home. The event is aptly named ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and it is a night filled with some of the best independent pro wrestling you’ll find anywhere.


We have grudge matches as old rivalries rage on…. Championship defenses as the champions desperately fend off all the new faces in the company… we have debuts… and we do it all better than anyone! Delaware won’t know what hit it. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a brief look at the night’s scheduled card:


ECWA Heavyweight Championship

Azrieal w/ AJ Pan (c ) vs. ‘The Pro Wrestling Maniac’ Joe Gacy

Azrieal has become a true fighting champion defeating all the top names in ECWA over the course of two title reigns. However, coming up on his heels is the immensely popular Joe Gacy. He’s out to take what he feels is his. In Atlantic City, Azrieal defended against Gacy… and just when it looked like we were going to crown a new champion a masked Santa Claus (who may or may not have been rival Sean Carr) attacked him behind the referees back allowing Az to retain. Now, ECWA management fixes that wrong. Azrieal will defend against Joe Gacy once again… and this time no one can stop a new champion possibly being crowned.

ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship- Delaware Dream Match

‘ECWA’s Cinderella Man’ Chris Wylde w/ Joel Blackhart ( c) vs. Ty Awesome

Why is this a Delaware Dream Match? Both men have unrivaled popularity for various companies in the state. And both are well known to almost undefeatable in Delaware. This makes this must watch. Wylde is making his first ever title defense after literally enlisting his ‘Draw’ faction teammates to beat down former champion Breaker Morant so badly Wylde easily pinned him. Ty Awesome, one of Breaker’s many allies in the locker room, is not standing for this. He’s decided to end ‘The Draw’ before it begins and plans on taking the Mid Atlantic title almost as quickly as Wylde won it. Can he overcome the numbers game?


ECWA Tag Team Championship      

One Mean Team (Brian Johnson & Justin Pusser) w/ Miss Jasmine ( c) vs. ‘God of War’ Frankie Picard & Tahir James

The cofounders of ‘The Draw’ have absolutely dominated the ECWA tag team division since their debut at an Academy Showcase a few months ago. With the hard hitting, nasty Pusser backing up the flamboyant Johnson they have been nearly unstoppable. However, they walk right into two men who are best friends in the wrestling world. They’ve tagged together beautifully numerous times now. They did train together coming up in the business. And now they look for gold to prove their worth. Picard is deceivably agile, and the high-flying Tahir James is a star on the rise…. Putting them together you get a deadly one-two combo of power and speed. One Mean Team might have met their match move for move this time. Can the champions overcome two guys who just may be hungrier than they are?


ECWA Women’s Championship

Damaris ( c) vs. 2017 Women’s Super 8 Participant Christina Marie

In a shocking turn of events, the ECWA Women’s Championship was vacated just last month! And it honestly was anyone’s guess who would be battling to find a new champion. Enter the young rookie Damaris. Damaris has impressed everyone in management with her quickly growing talent and ability. She’s even gotten a huge endorsement from indie wrestling legend Tony Stetson. She won the championship after defeating ‘The Draw’s’ Miss Jasmine. And never has a new champion faced this big a first title defense. Christina Marie comes back to ECWA still fuming over her first-round exit from the ECWA Women’s Super 8. The powerhouse is known for her power but can fly like a luchador if needed and she felt she was the class of the tournament. Now she has her eyes set on the championship that she should have won in the first place! Damaris is incredibly talented and will one day be a top star in women’s wrestling… but can she stop the rampage of Christina Marie?



Breaker Morant vs. ‘The Draw’s Adam Chandler w/ Joel Blackhart and Miss Jasmine

Remember when we mentioned earlier ‘The Draw’ basically gang attacked Breaker Morant until he could no longer fight back? And this caused him to lose his Mid Atlantic Championship? The man leading the attack was Adam Chandler. Chandler and Morant have had a long-standing rivalry since Chandler’s Academy Showcase days. And it’s boiled over finally! Chandler is big, strong and probably the strongest man in ECWA currently. However, Breaker Morant is on a warpath for revenge! The crafty veteran is out for blood on every member of ‘The Draw!’ And he plans on starting with the one man he feels is the most responsible for losing his championship. But it won’t be easy. Chandler is no slouch. Plus, you never know if someone at ringside will get involved… or worse from somewhere in the arena. That’s been ‘The Draw’s calling card. Can Breaker overcome the odds once again and get his revenge?



‘The Hitman for Hire’ Mr. Grim vs. ‘The Hotlanta Hustler’ Marcus Waters

This is certainly a battle of two powerful men! Just before the December ECWA show, these two battled for the first time at the ECWA Academy Showcase. As the match went on it became increasingly clear no punches were being pulled. And that these strong-willed men were battling each other to see who was the baddest and strongest. And it got real personal, real fast! Over the weeks, words have flown over social media. Then just last week at an Academy Showcase at the ECWA Wrestling Academy, they fought all over the building with no clear winner. It became so bad that the entire locker room emptied to try to pull them apart. And they weren’t very successful. Mr. Grim has laid down the challenge. Time to see who’s the best. And he is getting a nasty, angry Marcus Waters to deal with… did he bite off more than he can chew?



2018 ECWA Super 8 Participant ‘Colossal’ Mike Law vs. Meisure Ooh La La vs. ‘The Mood killer’ Robbie Radke

This is a battle of some of the most colorful men in ECWA right now… Mike Law is indeed the first participant in this year’s Super 8 Class. He’s been riding high after a few victories in a row acting even more arrogant than usual. Almost more ‘Colossal’ in attitude. Ooh La La himself is also riding a win streak and wants to get back on the title track after not too long ago losing the tag team titles. And of course, not caring about what either of them want, want to achieve, or what he must do to win is Robbie Radke, the self-proclaimed ‘Mood killer’ who loves to rain on everyone’s parade…. Especially the fans. Will Robbie Radke continue to ruin everyone’s fun? Will Ooh La La once again dance his way into the hearts of the fans in attendance? Or will Mike Law continue his tear towards a run in the Super 8 Tournament?



‘The Shamrock Shooter’ Killian McMurphy vs. the debuting Sonny Kiss

This is certainly one of those odd matchups that on paper favors one side… but there’s always more to see. McMurphy is in a bad mood, even more than usual, after a recent string of losses in matches where he mostly dominated he’s out to hurt someone. Enter a new face in the ECWA in Sonny Kiss! Kiss is known for the being one of the most entertaining, flamboyant, androgynous, and colorful wrestlers in the country. What he may lack in size and power, he more than makes up in savvy. Kiss is known to use tactics that unnerve more serious competitors and lure them into a false sense of security. However, he is running into an angry Irishmen who’s in no mood for games. Will the ‘Shamrock Shooter’ finally put away a victory? Or will the crafty Sonny Kiss make a huge splash in his debut?


And there you have it! The night is full of interesting and important matches to the landscape of ECWA. It’s got a little bit of everything for every kind of wrestling fan: kids, adults, comedy lovers, pure wrestling, and much more! When ECWA comes back to Delaware you know it’s going to be a party! Please join us to celebrate the New Year… here’s all the info you’ll need for the event. ECWA is ringing in 2018 the right way:


East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)

New Year’s Resolutions

Saturday January 20, 2018

United Asbury Methodist Church

300 E Basin Road

New Castle, DE 19720


Doors open: 6 pm

Bell time: 7 pm


Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal, and at the door!

-To buy now go to

-Tickets are $20 for Adults and Kids 13 and older, $10 for Kids 12 and under

-Reserved seating and all event info: please call (609) 220-5598 or email


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