Toys for Tots show this Saturday December 2 in Woodbury Heights

ECWA Toys for Tots Benefit Show this Saturday 12/2

            ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is right around the corner and ECWA is celebrating it the only way we know how to… with our annual Toys for Tots benefit show on Saturday December 2! So we ask you to please bring a new, unwrapped toy for the US Marines toy drive to help less fortunate children in the area have a brighter holiday season. We’ve always collected a huge amount of toys and we want to continue that tradition! We also have a nice treat for the kids as Santa Claus himself will be there to greet all fans. We love to see all the little elves coming with their parents to have a great night of fun. However, it doesn’t stop there! We have a fabulous night of professional wrestling for you and your family to enjoy…. we have grudge matches, first time debuts, and huge championship matches that will knock your socks off! Here’s a brief look at the night’s scheduled card:


ECWA Heavyweight Championship

Azrieal w/ AJ Pan ( c ) vs. Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian

Azrieal’s second title reign with the heavyweight championship has already been marred by controversy. He scored a questionable victory over Joe Gacy at the Showboat in Atlantic City just last week… however, he won’t be facing just any challenger. Kekoa is one of the most legendary wrestlers in ECWA history. He’s won every single championship the company offers and has even appeared in 2 Super 8 Tournaments. But he’s out to get what he never lost. Kekoa was ECWA Heavyweight Champion back in 2015 before he tore his ACL defending it… and so he had to relinquish the title. He never lost it and wants it back! Azrieal and AJ Pan are on high alert as they may be the biggest threat to Az in either one of his championship reigns so far. Two of the most talented men in ECWA history do battle!


ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship


Breaker Morant ( c ) vs. Chris Wylde w/ Joel Blackhart

These two have done battle for years now in the ECWA. Once upon a time Breaker led an evil team of invaders called the Blackhearts against the ECWA… and Chris Wylde led the opposing team defending the company. They fought tough and nail and quite literally all over the arena for years, including a memorable fall off the ECWA entrance scaffolding. Now the tables have turned… Breaker has been a fighting champion defending against all comers. However, Wylde believes he has been over taken by Breaker as ECWA’s “Chosen One” and is out for blood. Now Wylde leads a team of evil invaders called The Draw, who are hell bent on proving they are the reason for the companies success. Breaker is ready for a fight. Last week at the Showboat their wasn’t a clear winner and both men got counted out after they destroyed each other all over the floor. ECWA management has decided now we’ll find out who the better man is with NO DQ’s and No Countouts. Could The Draw become involved?


ECWA Tag Team Championship

One Mean Team (Brian Johnson & Justin Pusser) w/ Miss Jasmine ( c) vs. Ty Awesome & Tommy Bowie

One Mean Team have quickly established themselves as the most brutal, flamboyant yet tough as nails tag team that the ECWA has seen in many years. While Johnson dances… Pusser hurts. It’s a deadly combo no one has been to overcome so far. When you add in their fiery companion Miss Jasmine it’s next to impossible to do battle with them. But they face a new team that will excite fans and quite possibly be the most aerial tandem we’ve ever seen. Two high flyers… Ty Awesome and Tommy Bowie… team together for the first time. But don’t let that fool you that they might be overmatches. Ty Awesome has quickly proved he’s a star on the rise in the company… his wide array of devastating aerial attacks has beaten some tough opponents. And all it takes is a second for him to land one. Bowie is making his debut… however he’s impressed in the Academy Showcase shows with his hard hitting style that perfectly compliments Awesome’s offense. They could be a formidable new addition to the ECWA tag scene. Will One Mean Team overlook the young tag team across the ring from them? Or will a split second high impact move crown new tag champions?


ECWA Women’s Championship

Karen Q ( c ) vs. Allie Recks

Karen Q has been red hot lately! She has dominated her appearances on ROH’s Women of Honor and just won the 2017 ECWA Women’s Super 8! Needless to say she’s the fastest rising women’s star on the indies right now. But she’s not facing a slouch on December 2… She’s facing a fellow Super 8 competitor in the talented Allie Recks! Recks put on an impressive display in the tournament before losing to a much more experienced Deonna Purrazzo. The fans asked for her return after getting behind her and when better than the present? Karen is out to continue her title reign after finally defeating Purrazzo for good last week at the Showboat. Fresh off of Women’s title wins for other companies Allie Recks is as confident as she’s ever been! She’s hungry to keep proving herself after coming back from a devastating knee injury… and after not winning the Super 8 you can bet she’s out to go toe to toe with the woman who won the entire thing! Will Karen Q continue to show her ascension to the top of the indies is just the beginning? Or will Allie Recks prove she is the true rising star in ECWA?




‘Pro Wrestling Manic’ Joe Gacy vs. ‘Hybrid’ Sean Carr

Gacy and Carr absolutely hate each other! Ever since the Super 8 tournament when Carr felt the need to attack Gacy with a super kick, these two have been on a collision course. Just two months ago, Gacy and Carr decided to settle their differences in a highly awaited match… but Sean Carr just couldn’t let it end that way. Just as Joe Gacy was gaining the upper hand he tried to run away from the fight. As Gacy gave chase, Carr threw an errant super kick that hit a fan! It was the most shocking moment of 2017 in ECWA! It infuriated ECWA officials, most notably senior referee John Finegan. As such… Sean Carr was suspended for 70 days! Finally, the heat could die down. Joe Gacy was awarded  a championship opportunity at the Showboat vs. Azrieal for his handling of the fan situation. And it was going great! Joe Gacy was literally about to make the winning pinfall when a masked Santa Claus entered the ring and hit Gacy with a chain. Was it Sean Carr in disguise? No one could tell. And as the referee recovered from an accidental hit moments before, Gacy was pinned… so on Saturday we get another brutal match in the saga of Gacy and Carr. A chain match! With Carr’s suspension up, is he ready to back up his words? Is Joe Gacy ready for one of the most brutal matches in wrestling history?



PCA (Damian Adams & Mike Law) w/ AJ Pan vs. Howie Timberche & Ricky Martinez

The PCA has officially exploded and it’s an all out war with former friends ready to destroy one another! After a series of mishaps… including the loss of the ECWA tag team titles… Damian Adams attacked Howie Timberche, blaming him for all their losses and miscues. And after months of verbal abuse, the attack was the last straw for Timberche! He challenged his former friend and tag partner to a match at the Showboat.. And it was going fairly well for singing wrestler… that is until newer PCA cohort Mike Law became involved and ensured Timberche couldn’t win the match with a blatant attack in front of the referee. More fired up than ever, Timberche challenged the PCA again.. This time to a tag team match… claiming he had just the partner looking to get back at AJ Pan and his cronies. That man is Ricky Martinez! Martinez was a tag team champion with Damian Adams before being unceremoniously kicked out of the group by AJ Pan. Now he wants revenge for the betrayal! Can the PCA regroup and prove they are still a force to be reckoned with? Or will Timberche and Martinez finally get the last laugh they both are craving?



Meisure Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts vs. ’The Vamp King’ Kindred Kymari

This will be one of the most bizarre matches to ever take place in an ECWA ring. The wily Frenchman Mr. Ooh La La loves to pretty much pick a fight with anyone who is new to the company. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  And making his debut is the deadly, bizarre vampire Kindred… who is known for 2 things: drinking blood before his matches and being next to impossible to knock off his feet. This might be a case for the worse for Ooh La La who usually takes advantage of his opponents underestimating him to score shocking upset wins. Kindred isn’t one of those opponents who will fall prey to the Frenchman’s usual humorous antics. He will come hard and fast. And he will  be out to hurt the vet across the ring from him to send a message to the locker room he’s here and ready for a fight. Can the ultimate underdog Mr. Ooh La La once again somehow score a shocking win over a superior opponent? Or will Kindred prove that vampires are here to stay in the ECWA



‘Shamrock Shooter’ Killian McMurphy vs. ‘Hadistic Outlaw’ Mathias Glass

This is another case of a bizarre match in the ECWA… Killian McMurphy is known for his pure wrestling talent and submission skills not rivaled by many on the indies. Mathis Glass is a fun, loving wrestler who is just as soon to draw power from his kosher bagel as he is to put on a pure wrestling display. McMurphy will be in no mood for fun and games on Saturday as he looks to quickly avenge his loss to Josh Adams at the Showboat last week. Glass however, is looking to score yet another win and climb the ladder in ECWA. Needless to say push will come to shove quite quickly in this match. Will Killian McMurphy keep his eye on the prize and reassert himself as a threat in the company? Or can Mathias use his crazy antics to make McMurphy make a mistake so he can steal another victory?


There you have it folks! It’s a great night of pro wrestling that has a little bit for every kind of wrestling fan… this is a can’t miss benefit show! We’ll celebrate Christmas together and end this year in the ECWA the right way. If you want to attend you’ll need all the other information for the event… so here you go and we hope to see you Saturday night for ‘Toys for Tots!



East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)


Saturday December 2, 2017

Woodbury Heights Community Center

741 Helen Ave

Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097


Doors will open: 6 pm


Showtime: 7 pm


All ECWA events are family friendly!




Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal and WILL BE available at the door:

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-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or email

-Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for Kids






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