ECWA comes to the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ on Nov 25

ECWA comes to the Showboat in Atlantic City, NJ


            Fall is upon us… and with it the Thanksgiving holiday! It’s time for football, turkey, and professional wrestling! Back in the days of NWA, AWA, and the other territories it was a time honored tradition to have a wrestling show either on Thanksgiving or the same weekend. Many classic matches and great memories were made with these special shows. As years past, that tradition faded away just like the territories. However, ECWA management is composed of men who lived those days and want to bring the tradition back from the dead! It was decided that the weekend of Thanksgiving would be a HUGE ECWA show… aptly called ‘High Stakes’. Why you may ask? Because we are bringing the party to a very special venue… the Showboat Hotel on the Atlantic City boardwalk right in Atlantic City, NJ!


You read that correctly. On Saturday November 25, 2017 professional wrestling makes it’s return to the Thanksgiving holiday in a BIG WAY! What better place to showcase it than this venue!


ECWA management has put together an incredible card of action so far. Featuring all of the ECWA favorites fans have come to know we also are adding 2 WWE Hall of Famers to the mix! Former Intercontinental Champion and a competitor on the first 9 Wrestlemania’s.. Tito Santana… and ½ of the first African American Tag Team Champions ever ‘Mr. USA’ Tony Atlas! Both men will meet & greet with fans AND be in action! That’s crazy news for all wrestling fans! Here’s a look at the night’s card to see what kind of intense wrestling you’ll be witnessing LIVE at the Showboat:


ECWA Heavyweight Championship

Azrieal ( c ) w/ AJ Pan vs. ‘Pro Wrestling Maniac’ Joe Gacy

Azrieal just recently won back the heavyweight championship just last month. Before that however he had a great reign as champion defeating all comers easily… surprisingly without much aid from his PCA cohort AJ Pan. Joe Gacy has been battling for months trying to establish himself as a contender. He finally earns a shot at ‘Big Red’. Gacy defeated ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia and his cronies then eventually battled his way through former champion Sean Carr. Needless to say this is a battle worth watching!


ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship

Breaker Morant (c ) vs. ‘The Draw’s’ Chris Wylde w/ Joel Blackhart

Breaker and Wylde have been doing battle seemingly for years. Their battles as far as back as 2011-12 were legendary, hard hitting and included everything from cages.. To jumping off the entrance way through tables, to fire burning faces. These two have hated each other. Wylde feels ECWA management has replaced him with Breaker as the chosen face of the company. Breaker is just a warrior who is ready to face an old enemy. Two paths collide!


ECWA Women’s Championship

Karen Q ( c ) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

These two training partners have did war in ECWA since they both debuted over 2 years ago. Deonna often times got the better of those fights including winning one of her two Super 8 victories over Karen. They’ve even fought at ROH’s Women of Honor events! However the table have turned. Karen is now the Women’s Champion after defeating Deonna and Santana Garrett just last month to become the new Super 8 Champion. Expect more of the same from these two! This will be a test of strength, wits, and whoever outsmarts the other the fastest. Can Deonna start another year long title reign?


Six Man Tag Team Match- Special Attraction

Jay D. Luscious & WWE Legends Tito Santana & ‘Mr. USA’ Tony Atlas vs. ‘The Draw’- ECWA Tag Team Champions One Mean Team (Brian Johnson & Justin Pusser) & Adam Chandler the Great w/ Miss Jasmine & Joel Blackhart

Jay D. Luscious is sick of the Draw! They firstly screwed him and his partner Mr. Ooh La La out of the ECWA Tag Team titles.. Then they injured Ooh La La the very same night! Now just last month they cheated their way to another victory at his expense when Adam Chandler speared him behind the referee’s back! He’s out for revenge! So he enlisted two friends of his… WWE legends Tito Santana and Tony Atlas! The Draw will have their hands full with the powerhouse Jay D. and two men who have a combined almost 4 decades of experience!



Damian Adams w/ AJ Pan vs. Howie Timberche

The PCA has fell on some hard times… they were dominating tag team champions with a rotating door of partners for Adams. However, they lost the tag team titles a few months back. Of course, dissention wasn’t fully in the air yet. After failed attempt after failed attempt to get the Tag Team titles back, Damian Adams took to blaming now/then partner Howie Timberche for the loses saying he wasn’t listening. Timberche had enough! 2 months ago he shut Adams up by attacking him after their match! And now, the challenge has been laid down!


Battle of Submission Specialists

‘Shamrock Shooter’ Killian McMurphy vs. Josh Adams

Killian McMurphy has been very impressive since he debuted on the ECWA Showcase shows. He’s beaten everybody he’s faced along the way. His ring prowess, submission skills, and incredible technical ability aren’t matches by anyone currently in ECWA. Unless you ask Josh Adams that is. Adams fancies himself the best pure wrestling talent in the company and is insulted that McMurphy is considered a better submissions artist than himself. So we’ll settle things once and for all… who’s the better pure wrestler? Find out soon enough!


‘Hadistic Outlaw’ Mathias Glass vs. ‘Colossal’ Mike Law w/ AJ Pan

Mathias Glass is one of the most interesting, entertaining men to ever step foot in a wrestling ring! His fun loving attitude is only matches by his hilarious take on his Jewish heritage. However, he comes face to face with Mike Law. Law, already announced as the first competitor in next year’s Super 8 Tournament, is no slouch when it comes to in ring talent and skill. Him and AJ Pan are in foul moods after the PCA has been a mockery of by ECWA fans and matchmaker Joe Zanolle. They won’t be in the mood for any of the antics Mathias Glass is known for. However, that’s just kosher with Glass who’s looking to climb his way up the ladder in ECWA. A win against a talent like Law goes a long way towards future opportunities!



There you have it! That’s a quick rundown of the card that ECWA brings to you, the fans, on Thanksgiving weekend! ‘High Stakes’ will be a history making event as we bring back the pro wrestling tradition to this holiday season! Don’t miss this great night of fun with your family… stay.. Watch the show… enjoy the nightlife of Atlantic City… and even spend the night at the Showboat itself with a special discount for ECWA fans only! Here’s all the info you’ll need  and hope to everyone there:


East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)


Saturday November 25, 2017

Showboat Hotel- Atlantic City

801 Boardwalk

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Phone Number for Hotel: (609) 487-4600


Doors will open: 6 pm


Showtime: 7 pm


All ECWA events are family friendly!


Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal and WILL BE available at the door:

To buy now, go to

-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or email

-Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for Kids the FIRST TWO ROWS

General Admission- $20 for Adults and $10 for Kids



If you’re looking to say the night at the Showboat we are offering a special discount rate for all ECWA fans, wrestlers, and staff: follow this link to make your reservation





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