ECWA Championship matches set for this Saturday June 17 in Woodbury Heights, NJ

2 more Championship Matches set for Sat June 17


            ECWA is heating up the summer! There is 4 summer events coming your way… all with matches that have huge implications on the landscape and future of the company! Saturday June 17 is ‘Raising the Bar’ and that means that every man and woman on the ECWA roster will step their game up to impress the fans and officials. We have 3 championship matches scheduled for the event! We’ve already heard about the main event so here’s a look at the other two matches coming your way:


ECWA Women’s Championship

Deonna Purrazzo (c ) vs. Karen Q: Deonna has easily been the most dominant woman to ever compete in ECWA. She’s won two Super 8 Tournaments. And has held the championship for over a year now. She’s defeated all challengers. She’s even traveled to compete for WWE, ROH, and in Japan lately. While she was away Karen Q has eagerly trained and watched those miles logged.. Herself recently a regular for ROH… and thinks now is the time to strike! It’s no secret the two women have trained together and know each other very well. So this becomes an interesting cat and mouse game. Does Karen Q know something we don’t? Is the hectic schedule wearing down Purrazzo? Has she studied the champion enough to now know her weaknesses? With Karen Q fresh off impressive ECWA performances, officials felt it was time to see this war ONE MORE TIME! They met in the Super 8 finals.. And now they fight for the ECWA Women’s Championship! Will Deonna leave ECWA officials scrambling to find another worthy opponent? Or is this finally Karen Q’s time to shine? We’ll find out soon enough!


ECWA Tag Team Championship

Extreme Rednecks (Chuck & Kyle Payne) (c ) vs.  PCA (Damian Adams & Howie Timberche) w/ AJ Pan: The PCA has had quite the last few months… they officially were the most dominant group in ECWA history owning all but one of the companies championships! However, the on again off again battle with the Extreme Rednecks proved that even those at the top of the mountain can be knocked off. The PCA has run rampart through the ECWA tag team division for months.. However, since losing the titles to the PCA months ago the Rednecks have battled and clawed their way back into the championship picture. They’ve battled the PCA at every turn and made sure they were fresh on their minds. And it paid off! The Rednecks are two angry, dangerous men and they came to fight 2 months ago! After a brutal street fight, Chuck and Kyle finally ended the reign of the PCA! After complaining for months for a rematch, officials finally granted AJ Pan’s request for a rematch! It’s on! Will the PCA regain the gold and their footing atop the ECWA? Or are the Rednecks the most dangerous tag team on the indies? This is potential match of the night right here!


There you have it folks! Two huge rematches from months past that have bad blood and personal ramifications for all involved! Whoever wins these matches will control the landscape of the ECWA for the summer and surely put the locker room on notice!


These are can’t miss matches! Be there to see the outcomes and if we will crown new champions.



East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)


Saturday June 17, 2017

Woodbury Heights Community Center

741 Helen Ave

Woodbury Height, NJ 08097


Doors will open: 6 pm


Showtime: 7 pm


All ECWA events are family friendly!


Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal and WILL BE available at the door:

To buy now, go to www.ecwaprowrestling.com/about/tickets

-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or email info@ecwaprowrestling.com

-Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under





Scheduled card:




ECWA Heavyweight Champion Azrieal w/AJ Pan & Joe Gacy vs. Sean Carr & Chris Wylde


ECWA Tag Team Championship

The Extreme Rednecks (Chuck & Kyle Payne) ( c ) vs. PCA (Damian Adams & Howie Timberche) w/AJ Pan


ECWA Women’s Championship

Deonna Purrazzo ( C) vs. Karen Q



Meisure Ooh La La vs. Dave Reed & Miss Allysha & Loudy



Zombiie King vs. Fenix Fury



Ty Awesome vs. Mike Law w/AJ Pan


Breaker Morant vs. Cassius Cutcher (making his ECWA debut)


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