ECWA 46th Anniversary Show
Sat, Sept 7, 2013
Newark , Delaware

1.  Little Mikey w/ “The BOSS” Mike Tartaglia defeated Napalm Bomb. Following the match Napalm Bomb was visibly upset at this and other recent losses.

2. Match 1 in Best of 5 Golden Opportunity Series- Winner of Series Get a Title Match of Choice Anytime

Bobby Shields defeated Matt Saigon w/ Joel Blackhart. Following the loss Blackhart walked out on Saigon in disgust.

3.  ECWA Matchmaker Joe Zanolle spoke in the ring about the 46th Anniversary, what ECWA means and thanked the fans, locker room and staff/ring crew. Then Zanolle conducted a live job performance appraisal of referee Phil Sly, who has made a series of questionable calls since January 2013 leading to July 2013, where he refused to count the pinfall for D-LINE against Blackheart for the tag titles and then later prevented Special Guest Referee & 2013 Super 8 Champion (now retired) Damian Dragon from making the 3 count for D-LINE, which Dragon responded by giving Sly his patented Ace Crusher. Sly came to the ring to the surprise of everyone wearing a neck brace. When Zanolle tried to fire Sly for being a “crooked” referee, Joel Blackhart came to the ring with an attorney who threatened to sue Zanolle personally and ECWA if Zanolle fired Sly while being injured on the job and wrongful termination.

4. Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian defeated former WWE Tag Team Champion Mike Mondo with his version of the Spanish Fly. Following the match Mondo announced regrettably he would not be able to make his ECWA match vs Papadon on Sept 21 in NJ due to a new ROH deal and endorsed Kekoa to take his place and as being the next big break out star.

5. Double Chain Match for the ECWA Tag Team Titles

D-LINE (6’7” Body Snatcher & Black Ice) defeated Blackheart (Breaker Morant & MONSTER AHTU w/ Joel Blackhart) when Morant was pinned. Following the match, Joel Blackhart and AHTU attacked Breaker before being stopped by D-LINE. With D-LINE on the offense, Napalm Bomb and a man we now have come to know as Solo (w/ Phil Sly) hit the ring and laid out D-LINE. Joel Blackhart announced that Blackheart the group is dead and out of its ashes has spawned the LEGION of DESTRUCTION (AHTU, Napalm Bomb & Solo).

6. Kid USA w/ Mini-America & Mr. Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts defeated the “French Mime” Jean-Jean LeBon & “Gusfather” Gus Grand.

7. Match to Crown the Very First Women’s Champion in ECWA History

Jessie Kaye defeated Missy Sampson w/ “the BOSS” Mike Tartaglia to become the first champion

8. Mixed Tag Team Match (If Wylde & Renee Michelle win, Wylde gets a title shot w/ Martinez on Oct 5, 2013)

“Heart Killer” Chris Wylde & “Lady in Red” Renee Michelle defeated ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Ricky “the Model” Martinez & Amber when Renee Michelle beat Amber with Wylde’s 50 Shades of Pain (kajahijime aka Tazzmission).

9. ECWA Heavyweight Title Match – One Fall (Champion does not have to be pinned to lose the title.

“Greek God” Papadon (c ) defeated Apollyon, “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes and former ECWA Heavyweight Champion VsK when Papadon pinned a possibly concussed Apollyon with a flying European uppercut from the top rope. Before the match Apollyon was attacked by the newly formed Legion of Destruction and was taken back to the dressing room by referees and staff. However, Apollyon DID make it back to the ring, weakened, to compete before finally suffering the pinfall loss to Papadon.


Watch and listen to these post-show remarks from Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian, new Women’s Champion Jessie Kaye, Breaker Morant & Apollyon, Ricky Reyes and VsK…




For event photos by Hank Stoklosa visit http://sode.smugmug.com/Sports/ECWA