ECWA July 13 Newark, DE Quick Results

– Aden Chambers inducted into Hall of Fame by Ace Darling and retires
– “Greek God” Papadon wins ECWA Heavyweight Title for second time
– DLINE wins tag titles

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)
Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club
Newark, DE
Sat, July 13, 2013

1. Mr. Ooh La La & Kid USA defeated Little Mikey & Gus Grand

2. As voted by fans for future title shot, Anywhere/Anytime: Bobby Shields DCOR Matt Saigon w/ Joel Blackhart

3. ECWA Legend and first Super 8 Champion (1997) Ace Darling inducted Aden Chambers (former ECWA Heavyweight, Mid-Atlantic, Tag Team, Super 8 (2008) and K-Cup Tag Team (2012) Champion) into 2013 ECWA HOF

4. Also as voted by fans for a future title shot any time/any place: “Greek God” Papadon beat Vordell Walker w/ Joel Blackhart

5. Fans As Lumberjacks Match: Jessie Kaye beat “Boss” Michael Tartaglia

6. Mixed Tag Team Match: “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde & Renee Michelle defeated ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Ricky Martinez & Keri

7. ANYTHING GOES for the Vacant ECWA Tag Team Titles w/ Special Guest Referee Damian Dragon: D-LINE beat MONSTER AHTU
& Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart to win titles

8. ECWA Heavyweight Title: VsK (Champion) beat “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes

9. ECWA Heavyweight Title Match: “Greek God” Papadon used his title shot and defeated VsK to win the ECWA Title for a second time

10. Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian beat Aden Chambers in Chambers’ ECWA retirement match

EVENT PHOTOS by Jeff Scheerer/Snapbox Photography:

EVENT PHOTOS by Sean Sullivan/smsullivanphotography:

“Greek God” Papadon post show July 13

D-LINE post show July 13

Clips from May 11 and June 1 that led to the mixed tag team match between Chris Wylde and Renee Michelle versus Ricky Martinez and Keri on July 13

Ricky Martinez and Amber post show July 13

Chris Wylde and Renee Michelle post show July 13