Former WCW, ECW, TNA, WWE and ROH star Tony Mamaluke wrestled his final match last night, Sat Dec 1, 2012 at East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) in Newark, Delaware. In his last match, he defeated 2012 ECWA Super 8 Champion and former ECWA Heavyweight and Mid-Atlantic Champion “Greek God” Papadon. Post match, Mamaluke gave a moving speech, thanked the fans and wrestlers and left his boots in the center of the ring. In the process, Mamaluke endorsed and “passed the torch” to Papadon as the future of the business, as the formerly hated Papadon was giving a rousing ovation.

At the end of the night, after the ECWA Unified Heavyweight Title Match between Chris Wylde and Josh Daniels ended, a new Blackheart formed to include Josh Daniels, Breaker Morant, Matt Saigon, Apollyon, Rex Lawless and the returning AHTU managed by Joel Blackhart. Papadon came out as Mamaluke was being beaten down and offered a spot in Blackheart if he “finished off” Mamaluke. Papadon’s response was to attack Blackheart single handedly until AHTU returned and joined Blackheart, beating Papadon with a baseball bat!

With all of his past accomplishments, Mamaluke came to the ECWA in September 2012. He had great matches with Josh Daniels, two with Papadon and a 4-way Title Match with Champion Chris Wylde, Josh Daniels and Papadon.

Before Mamaluke decide to pursue other interests outside of professional wrestling, he was slated to compete in the 17th Annual 2013 ECWA Super 8 Tournament on April 13th in Newark, Delaware, although that had not been announced yet.

The first competitor in the 2013 Super 8 was announced last night, 1/2 of the former 3-time ECWA Unified Tag Team Champions and 1/2 of FUSION DS, Damian Dragon!

ECWA was happy to have Mamaluke for the short time it did, thanks him for his contributions and wishes him only the best in the future. Should things ever change, there will always be a spot in ECWA for Tony Mamaluke.

Also, last night two USMC officers were in attendance and collected 5-6 boxes of toys from ECWA wrestlers, fans and staff for Toys for Tots. http://www.toysfortots.org/

2012 Miss Delaware Alyssa Murray was also on hand to help with the Toys for Tots collection.

TARA was on-hand to sing Holiday songs and the national anthem. You can follow her on Twitter @Taramusik. You can buy her single “Gotta Get It” now on Amazon and Google Play Store.

Read below Mamaluke’s FACE BOOK comments and quick results from ECWA last night.

Tony Mamaluke (FACEBOOK Sun, Dec 2, 2013)
13 hours ago
Final thought, I would like to say that it was all so wonderful, that I have no regrets , that I made a lot of money and been famous. But not everybody can be. I was a good jobber in an era where there wasn’t any. I was a good hand when the era was all about me and not the show. Tonight I was Mamaluke for the last time and I am not bitter, broken or emotionally unstable. I survived. In the end I have to ask myself if the last 15 years were worth it. I will answer that question after time and reflection. 15 years to the day, my career began in a flea market with 3 people in the crowd. The show was cancelled that night for obvious reasons. Tonight I had one of my best matches in years. I finally got a chance to shine 15 years later. Thank you to my ECW family. I love you all. Guido, my brother, my friend I love you and will never forget all you have done for me. Frankie a better friend doesn’t exist. Dean Malenko you will always be my idol. To the fans, I don’t know if you ever quit got me but, if you did, then thank you. Life is good, time to move on to a new chapter.


Newark- East Coast Wrestling Association at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls ClubDanny E w/ Magnum & Gus Grand beat VsKApollyon and Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart went to a DCORLittle Mikey w/ “The BOSS” Mike Tartaglia defeated Kid USATony Mamaluke beat “Greek God” Papadon w/ Anthony Cicco … ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title Match: Ricky “the Model” Martinez w/ Magnum & Gus Grand beat Mr. Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts to win the title … ECWA Unified Tag Team Title Match: The Dream Team (Aden Chambers & Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian) (Champions) defeated FUSION DS (Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon) … ECWA Unified Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Wylde (Champion) defeated Josh Daniels w/ Joel Blackhart via DQ. (12-1-12)

ECWA 12-1-12 TOYS for TOTS Event Photos by Hank Stoklosa:

ECWA – Dec 1, 2012 – RECAP…

The holiday season was in full swing at ECWA “Toys for Tots”.  The night started off very light hearted with the U.S. Marines being simply overwhelmed by how many toys were being donated by the ECWA faithful…. close to 5 1/2 boxes!  They were soon joined by the newly crowned Miss Delaware 2013 Alyssa Murray.  She became a popular stopping point for everyone coming to the show.  Through all the smiles and pictures taken, the card looked stacked top to bottom and the fans were soon to find they would not be disappointed.  Here’s a detailed recap of the night’s action!


Danny E w/Magnum & Gus Grand defeated VSK– VSK is a newcomer to the ECWA and the fans were eager to see what the youngster would bring to the table.  Of course, looking to spoil the fun and continue his climb up the ladder Danny E came into this fully focused and ready.  The match started quickly with Danny E getting the upper hand early with his usual brand of extremely quick technical wrestling throwing shoulder blocks and wristlocks to ground VSK early.  As the fans willed VSK back into the match, Danny would cut him off numerous times.  The former Mid-Atlantic Champion and Super 8 competitor was just too much early on with his trademark high dropkick and clotheslines, all for near falls.  After taunting the crowd and fans, Danny seemingly moved in for the kill.  VSK, however, would have none of it. He exploded with offense, hitting a HUGE back body drop on Danny and a beautifully executed  hurracurrana.  His confidence grew as the fans got behind him.   VSK suddenly looked like the man to beat as he hit clothesline after clothesline.  Sensing he needed to finish the party boy sooner rather than later, he slammed Danny E to the mat and climbed the top rope. Going for broke, he jumped and was met with nothing but mat as the veteran Danny E jumped out of the way perhaps just by pure instinct.  Knowing he couldn’t give him another chance, Danny would take advantage of VSK’s costly mistake and hit the deadly jumping Gutbuster for the pinfall!  Even in defeat the fans were impressed with VSK and his determination for victory.  With this win, Danny E has solidified himself as a top contender in ECWA and continues to show management he deserves future title consideration.


Apollyon vs. Breaker Morant w/Joel Blackheart ended in a double countout– Fans looking for a display of pure wrestling would be sadly disappointed in this one.  Both men are big, nasty competitors known for their power rather than speed.  The popular Apollyon made his ECWA debut in October at the 2nd annual K-Cup to much fanfare and anticipation.  Breaker was out to prove the Blackhearts’ bite is still worse than their bark.  The match started with Breaker going right after the much bigger Apollyon before the bell had even rung.  But much to the delight of the fans, the haymakers and kicks that Morant threw had absolutely no effect and served to only anger the giant of a man.  Showing his own power, Apollyon started to throw his own crushing blows that devastated and shocked Breaker.  Of course, in true Blackheart fashion Morant would leave the ring to catch a breather.  Breaker would soon return to the ring and get an upper hand with kicks to the legs.  That advantage would be very short lived, as Apollyon showed he is a big man with unexpected speed hitting a flipping jump kick to the face.  Breaker would again exit the ring trying to leave the arena, throwing his hands down as if to say he was finished with this match.  Apollyon would follow and the two men would brawl back and forth back into the locker room.  Referee John Finegan soon counted to 10 and counted both men out.  The fans left this one a little disappointed as they expected a huge battle.


Time for the Boss’s Chair with Mike Tartaglia!  Of course, the “moment all the fans were waiting for” turned out to be typical Tartaglia madness.  “The Boss” made his way to the ring clad in his trademark robe and boa ‘Wooing’ at the crowd, proving he really does think he’s better than everyone in attendance!  Immediately, Mike insulted the fans in Delaware and got right to the point as to why he was there.  Miss Delaware 2013 Alyssa Murray was in attendance for Toys for Tots and Tartaglia called her out to the ring.  As the fans looked on, Mike would claim that Miss Delaware called him non-stop and that she was far too beautiful to be from Delaware … even calling her Miss New Jersey because “that had to be where she was from, being so pretty.  Again the “Boss” would make a claim he found the REAL Miss Delaware and out comes… well… as of this writing I’m still not sure what it was that came out.  Mike would again continue to degrade the Delaware fans saying all Delawareans are tattooed and missing teeth pointing out all this on the imposter beauty… queen?  As he talked, Kid USA had heard enough of this.  He slowly snuck ringside and got the attention of the real Miss Delaware.  He slipped into the ring and helped Murray push over the imposter!  Tartaglia obviously angry his fun was being ruined was even more shocked when he was slapped by Miss Delaware!  As Kid USA laughed he was attacked from behind by Little Mikey which led to….


Little Mikey w/Mike Tartaglia defeated Kid USA- After the assault during “The Boss’s Chair” Mikey would gain the quick upper hand on Kid USA.  Pummeling the masked youngster, Mikey was all business tonight.  Punch after punch and bodyslams followed as Mikey was not going to be embarrassed two months in a row.  After getting thrown from the ring, Kid USA’s problems were just starting!  Mikey distracted the referee so Tartaglia could throw in a little extra as he also bodyslammed the Kid on the outside then threw him back inside.  Mikey continued the assault weakening the Kid even as his Special Olympics fans screamed for him to fight back.  Their cheers weren’t for nothing!  Kid USA would not go down without a fight.  With a burst of adrenaline, Kid USA hit a big clothesline and dropkick.  Feeling it, he threw Mikey into the corner and hit a float over shoulder block and landed on the ring apron.  As Mikey stumbled out he hit an over the top rope crossbody drop for the near fall!  The often overzealous rookie would cost himself here as he went for his high impact finisher the Liberty Drop but Little Mikey was ready for it this time.  Blocking it, he stunned Kid USA long enough to hit a reverse DDT for the 1..2..3!  Little Mikey and”The Boss” celebrated the win as he had one upped his rival.  Will there be another match to decide who the better man is?


“Full Blooded Italian” Tony Mamaluke defeated “Greek God” Papadon w/Anthony Cicco– In what would turn out to be a candidate for match of the year, Papadon vs. Tony Mamaluke would be a personal, hard hitting grudge match for the ages!  Things started off quickly as the “Full Bloodied Italian” attacked Papadon after his ring introduction.  Mamaluke would stun the “Greek God” with kicks and punches.  Obviously, he didn’t come for a wrestling match but for a fight!  Mamaluke and Papadon traded blow after blow after blow, showcasing amazing technical wrestling while shocking the fans with just how hard they were willing to hit each other with shoulder blocks, clotheslines, and slams!  It was a true marvel to see.  Channeling luchador styles, it seemed Tony would give the fans what they wanted as he hit a beautiful bridging bulldog for a 2 count.  This really turned out to be the turning point.  As Papadon slipped out of the ring, Mamaluke would follow knocking down the “Greek God” with a few blows then threatening to hit Anthony Cicco so he wouldn’t get involved.  Papadon wouldn’t let that happen as he attacked from behind.  Mamaluke would fight back again, this time punching Cicco only to be dealt a glancing blow from the former champion.  This fight suddenly turned into a one-sided affair. Papadon would absolutely brutalize Mamaluke for the better part of 15 minutes.  Landing his trademark backbreaker-sidewalk slam combo… then smashing Tony’s head with deadly elbows… then submission holds, European uppercuts, clotheslines, clubbing haymakers, and suplex after suplex.  The fans were even deflated as their cheers did nothing to bring back the feisty Italian.  Papadon’s hatred for Mamaluke was apparent as he looked to finish him with every single move he did!   Near fall after near fall as Tony refused to quit, even surviving a Alpha-Omega shining wizard to the back of the head,  The “Greek God” would go for broke….  he climbed the top rope and went for his patented diving headbutt but missed!  Seizing this chance to come back from defeat, Tony hit 3 superkicks to the jaw for a very close near fall!  The fans were fully invested in who would win this instant classic.  Mamaluke climbed to the top so he could hit his own high impact move only to be meet by a Papadon punch.  Knowing he was going for the Wrath of God, Tony blocked the attempt knocking Papadon off.  As he tried to recover, Papadon once again climbed up to the top rope.  This time the former ECW star would not be denied, jumping off and hitting a flipping powerbomb.  While both men were down and completely spent, Papadon was first to his feet as it looked to be the end for one of these warriors.  After another brutal exchange, Papadon would go for a piledriver only for it to be reversed!  Mamaluke jumped on this chance and got the pinfall with a jack knife shocking the “Greek God”!  The fans went crazy!

**Aftermath** the fans were a little perplexed as Tony removed his wrestling shoes leaving them in the center of the ring.  As Papadon listened, Tony talked about how the wrestling business had passed him by and that it was time for guys like Papadon to be the future, 15 years and no regrets for Mamaluke.  He explained a decade’s old tradition of leaving your boots in the ring as a sign of respect and to show it was your last match.  The retiring Mamaluke and Papadon embraced and shook hands as the fans applauded every second of this.


ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title Match: Ricky “The Model” Martinez w/Magnum, Gus Grand & Keri defeated Meisure Ooh La La © w/Coach Jim Shorts to win the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title– In what many call a “screw job” this match changed the landscape of the ECWA championship picture!  Martinez and Ooh La La have had a long rivalry that has frustrated the MMA as Ooh La La’s love for fun has gotten the better of them far too many times.  As the match started, Keri Kline once again put herself in the corner of Martinez despite protests from the rest of the MMA including Martinez himself.  However, taking his eye off the prize, Ooh La La would have the early advantage hitting a few well-timed punches and wristlocks.  Even getting in a bodyslam!  That would be the final hurrah for the defending champion as Magnum distracted the referee, the “screw job” began.  Keri Kline would slip into the ring and hit a low blow to Ooh La La!  Afterwards she kicked Coach Jim Shorts right out of the ring who was attempting to make the save!  She had proven her worth after all!  As Ooh La La was reeling from the low blow, Martinez hit a DDT for the 1..2..3!  And we had a new ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion! The MMA celebrated as Ricky and Keri shared a steamy kiss in the ring!  Was this planned all along?  We’ll never know as they stood over the fallen Frenchman in victory.


ECWA Unified Tag Team Title Match: Dream Team(Aden Chambers & Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian) © defeated Fusion DS(Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon) to retain the ECWA Unified Tag Team Titles- Fusion has been slowly dissolving for the last few months as both Dragon and Saigon have claimed they are the man keeping the team afloat. However, they needed to re-group here to face the new popular team of Chambers and Kekoa.  The match started with Fusion getting the upper hand.  Dragon would ground Kekoa early with armdrags and hip tosses. Looking on from that point, Fusion suddenly were moving like a well-oiled machine. Dragon would hit perfect spinning kicks before tagging in the powerful Saigon.  Saigon would continue the punishment with a big clothesline, lifting knee in the corner, and a literal 10 second long vertical suplex.  Tagging back in Dragon, who would hit an over the top rope swanton reminiscent of idol Eddie Guerrero and then go right back on the attack with a submission hold.  The fans were seemingly behind both teams to this point.  Fusion dominated the champions early and often but Kekoa would fight back.  As Fusion went for what looked like a double flapjack, Kekoa would reverse it into a double DDT!  The fans clamored for the tag as in came Grand Slam champion Aden Chambers.  Flying around the ring with lariats and flying kicks, the champs were rolling!  Both teams entered the ring, with Saigon battling Chambers and Dragon on Kekoa.  Back and forth with punches and kicks, neither team gained the upper hand until Kekoa charged Dragon and he pulled the top rope down, dumping the Flyin’ Hawaiian onto the floor!  Saigon would hit Chambers with a suplex and hook him for the Fusion Destroyer as Dragon climbed the turnbuckle.  With Aden struggling to get out of the hook, Dragon had to hesitate allowing Kekoa to also climb up hitting Dragon with a Enzuigiri kick to the head knocking him off the turnbuckle.  Chambers would get out of Saigon’s grip throwing him to the outside.   The stunned Damian Dragon walked right into the electric chair set-up and just like that BAM!  Chambers hits the Blockbuster neckbreaker off of Kekoa’s shoulders for the pinfall!  The Dream Team had retained their championships!

 **Aftermath** Fusion DS looked to be on the same page shaking hands and embracing, but as they left they got a huge surprise!  Ring announcer Bob Artese stopped the two men from leaving to announce that the first entrant into the 2013 Super 8 was indeed the extremely popular Damian Dragon!  The fans erupted for this announcement as the friends happily left the arena!


ECWA Unified Heavyweight Title Match:”Heartkiller”Chris Wylde © and defeated Josh Daniels w/ Joel Blackhart via DQ. – This bitter rivalry promised to be the most brutal match of the night as Daniels promised last month he would “do anything it took to destroy Wylde.”  It started exactly like it should have.  Daniels and Wylde traded chops and various technical wrestling moves.  Wylde would get the upper hand fairly easily with his explosive clotheslines and high impact slams.  He even hit tried a Tazzmission attempt to no avail. Daniels was hugely reeling acting strangely along the way.  As Wylde landed blow after blow, Daniels appeared sluggish and slowly fading.  Numerous attempts at Irish Whips into the ropes and throwing him into the corners were met only by Daniels collapsing in a heap.  A confused Wylde went again after Daniels only to find out he was playing possum!  Daniels kicked Wylde in the head and turned vicious. He directly went to hurt Wylde, landing a German suplex and hitting the champion with brutal chops. He even blocked a Sliced Bread #2 attempt by Chris before stomping on his arms and systemically attacking every limb. Daniels would grow tired of this quickly going for his painful armbar-crossface submission hold.  It looked like we would have a new champion as the fans pleaded with him to reach the ropes…. and he did!  Daniels had to break the hold.  Wylde would make his comeback here and now, stunning Josh with glancing blows to the face.  Just as it seemed we would go back on the see-saw with neither man gaining advantage, Wylde once again locked in the Tazzmission.  As Daniels lay helpless, fading directly in the center of the ring Blackheart teammate Breaker Morant would run into the arena attacking Wylde from behind! This all lead to…..


**Aftermath– I am writing this as it happened from my perspective as it unfolded in front of me!** As Breaker and Daniels stomped away on Wylde as Joel Blackhart watched on, Dream Team flew into the ring only to be quickly dealt with by the Apollyon, Morant, and Daniels!  Rex Lawless then hit ring and flattened Chambers with a HUGE spinebuster then helped Apollyon give Chambers their finisher, the Final Elimination!  Then a new horror, the 300+ Apollyon climbed to the top rope and proceeded to splash Kekoa not once… not twice… but three times!  He was nothing but a crumpled heap after that.  Joe Zanolle threatened to suspend him before the third splash but obviously these men don’t care anymore. The fans’ reaction was deafening as some cheered, some booed, and some were just plain disgusted.  As the chaos continued, Joel Blackhart danced around the ring laughing and celebrating.  Fusion DS would run into the ring with chairs in hand scaring away the two Blackhearts!  It seemed the Blackhearts were chased away for good when suddenly Saigon brutally attacked Dragon with a chair from behind, turning on his longtime friend and mentor!  The Blackhearts now had 5 members!  Breaker Morant, Josh Daniels, Matt Saigon, and the Order of the Black!  In comes Tony Mamaluke attacking Saigon!  Then came the Order of the Black waiting for Mamaluke to turn around and they slammed him down seemingly joining the Blackharts!  The security guards stood there helpless as we watched referees John Finegan, Mike Kehner and even ECWA booker Joe Zanolle plead with the men to clear the ring and stop this madness. The fans were completely dumbfounded. Joel got on the microphone and called out Papadon.  Papadon comes, smug, looking like he loves what is unfolding.  He even grabbed Joe Zanolle, throwing him out of the way as he makes his way into the ring.  As he gets into the ring, Joel keeps asking him if he’s in or out of Blackheart as Mamaluke was trying to get to his feet.  Shaking his head as the Blackhearts laughed, Papadon looks to join up too……. but before he hits Tony, he goes rogue and dives head first battling the Blackhearts by himself!  The numbers game just proved to be too much… they brutally kept attacking all 5 men and just when someone showed up that ECWA never thought they would ever see again, the MOSNTER AHTU!!!!  AHTU slid into the ring with a baseball bat chasing off all of the Blackhearts!  Finally it was over…. Papadon was getting to his feet and this would be over…. then NO!!! AHTU hits Papadon with the bat as the fans booed very loudly. AHTU, along with Apollyon, Rex Lawless and Matt Saigon, have joined Breaker and Josh Daniels in Blackheart?  Joel Blackhart, of course, loved every minute of this announcing gloating over his new and reinforced Blackhearts!  Joe Zanolle and management eventually got the Blackhearts to leave as security tended to the fallen members of the ECWA roster.

Miss Delaware Alyssa Murry and "Miss Delaware" Sexy Don!
Rick "the Model" Martinez, NEW ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion