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ECWA’s return to the YMCA of Salem County in Carney’s Point, New Jersey saw a WILD, SELL OUT CROWD where the YMCA had to turn fans away at the door.

Some highlights:

-Joel Blackhart offered CUJO the Hellhound a bounty and cash bonus and membership in Blackheart should he put Chris Wylde back into the hospital, but the plan backfired with Wylde getting the win

-Jessie Kaye made her ECWA debut, but was defeated by crowd favorite Aida Marie

-Breaker Morant pinned AHTU after using brass knuckles. Senior Referee John Finegan and match maker Joe Zanolle came to ringside to tell Referee Mike Kehner to check Breaker. When he did and he found the brass knuckles, he reversed his decision and disqualified Breaker, but the TWA Title does not change hands on a DQ. Following the match Kehner and Zanolle had words regading Kehner missing the use of the foreign object

-Kekoa and Johnny Silver had a great match that was cut short by the 15 min time limit, Kekoa retains the Mid-Atlantic Title

-All Money I$ Legal and Shockwave the Robot took on Mr. Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts and Danny E & Ricky the Model Martinez w/ MMA in a match that TORE DOWN THE HOUSE

-After referee Mike Kehner was pulled from the match by Joe Zanolle and replaced with referee Phil Sly, the Midnight Sensations defeated FUSION DS to regain the ECWA Unified Tag Team Titles

-Greek God Papadon successfully defended his ECWA Title against the returning former ECWA Champion Aden Chambers

Quick results from 3.10.12 Carney’s Point, NJ… Chris Wylde def CUJO the Hellhound w/ Joel Blackhart…Aida Marie def Jessie Kaye… TWA Title: AHTU def Breaker Morant (c) w/ Joel Blackhart via DQ…MA Title: Kekoa (c) and #1 Johnny Silver went to a time limit draw…Shockwave & AMIL def Mr Ooh La La w/ Jim Shorts and Danny E & Ricky Martinez w/ Magnum & Gus Grand … Tag Titles, Texas Tornado Match: TMS def FUSION to win titles … ECWA Title: Papadon (c) def Aden Chambers.

Dean Dixon’s review:

Hank Stoklosa’s Photos:!i=1745917687&k=TdMFf9v

FUSION DS’ reaction to losing the ECWA Unified Tag Team Title back to Midnight Sensations one week after winning them:!/photo.php?v=2492211764821



Chris Wylde vs. CUJO the Hellhound w/ Joel Blackhart (FULL MATCH)

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