ECWA July 16 2011 Show Featured



In one month, on July 16th in Newark, Delaware, Bazooka Joe gets his chance. IF Bazooka Joe can defeat CZW’s “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy in July, then he will get DJ Hyde in the ring at the following ECWA event.

Since Hyde was named Commissioner on March 5th, he has screwed MEGA out of the ECWA Heavyweight Championship and he has also screwed Bazooka Joe in his title shot against “GREEK GOD” Papadon on May 7th. The stipulation for the May 7th match that Hyde made was that it would be Joe’s ONLY title shot against Papadon. Hyde made sure that Joe failed by bringing in a CZW referee, Drew Blood, who called a questionable disqualification on Joe allowing Papadon to retain.

Bazooka Joe, with his title aspirations on hold due to the stipulation implemented by Hyde, is now focusing his complete attention on DJ Hyde. But to get to Hyde, Bazooka Joe must defeat a very unpredictable “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy. Gacy is one tough customer and should not be overlooked or underestimated. He has the size, power, skill and most importantly, mean streak, to derail Joe’s plan for revenge.

Bazooka Joe will definitely have the fans on his side and they would LOVE to see DJ Hyde finally get his comeuppance in September inside the ring!

For tickets and info call 609.220.5598 or email

Bazooka Joe can't wait to get his hands on DJ Hyde!!!
Hyde really stacked the deck against Joe by calling him out for his match before intermission when he
he was scheduled to go on last...
... and then by bringing in his own referee!
Surely Hyde and Gacy have something diabolical in store for Joe!
Gacy is a HUGE obstacle that Bazooka Joe will have to overcome to get to DJ Hyde!
"Chainsaw" Joe Gacy is one intimidating dude!

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